Can we just hope 2017 is not as fucked as 2016.


Who Are We

Sometimes the Unknown.


Miss You Already

Joey you can now rest in peace.


I wonder...

When I was a child from 4-14 I went to the beach every summer for most of the month of August with my family. One of our big deals was to find shells and such to bring home. This included the hard to find full sand-dollar. It couldn't be broken or in pieces. These were very hard to find, we would get up really early hit the beach and spend hours hunting for them. If we were lucky one of us (5 total) would find one per trip. So these days when we go to the beach I find numerous and I bring bags of them home for the garden. Now what I was thinking about today as I drove home with the kids and a car full of worthy sand-dollars was how times have changed. They are not so hard to find now and it still pleases me to no end to bring loads of them home, however if I really think about it perhaps it is saying something about the health of our ocean? I wonder...


Ocean awaits me

My favorite place to be. I am here with my daughter and a couple of her friends. I miss the wife but she is home working and with the boys who had school. The place were staying will not be repeated but I am happy non the less. Kids are already at the beach, I will be joining them in a bit. These kids made me laugh yesterday as we went to the store to pick up food. I told them go grab some junk food for yourselves. In my day (including today) that would mean chips, cookies, and even candy. The kids returned with mangoes, bananas, berries and fruit juice. Okay the ocean is calling and since there is no phone service that is something.


How old am I?

This morning when I was suppose to be on route to work, I was home looking for my keys. Hell I even got Tamara into helping. I know I unlocked the door yesterday afternoon, hence had to have had my keys then. So I knew they were in the house somewhere. After a full search and 30 minutes later I found them in my "other coats" pocket. How the hell they got there I have no clue. Damn I must totally be getting old to be doing shit like that. How sad. What I should do between now and then get get another key made for my car and even put a house key on it. I am not getting younger and who the hell knows where I could put them next time. At least this was not a morning I needed to get my daughter to school, so something she could tease me about for a very long time. That was the bright side.


Consultants or Axe

Call them what you want but I guess our "Lean" system was not very affective, who could have known that. Waste of time, energy and money. So now they brought in the consultants. Libraries usually do not do very well with consultants. What's 15 years. If I get laid off I will be giving myself a small break from reality. In desperate need. Wish I felt better physically.



Our feast is moved to Sunday with the kids. So today we slept in, that was nice. Next we got outside (not raining) got on the roof and swept it down while also cleaning out those gutters. Came back in to a nice hot shower, had some food and watched the original Star is Born with Judy Garland. Now I am messing with my desk in hopes it cleans itself off and doing loads of laundry. Tonight I will make T and I some of my Alfredo sauce and perhaps we will watch another movie. Boring people or what. Peace, Health and Happiness.


365 days

I am glad to not hear any shitty phone calls today. This time last year I came home to house that had be cleaned out by small time slime bags. Hell they pawned our TV (40 inch flat screen) with our Wii system and all those bits and got a hundred bucks. Was that worth it? Probably to a small time drug addict it was. We got some stuff back but unfortunately not everything. Most of the stuff we did not get back had more memories than value. I sure hope karma gets them.


Some days...

and weeks are better than others. I am looking forward to the better ones...