Search for Truth, Knowledge and Fun

The early morning quietness is a lovely start to a long weekend.

While the world goes through mass trauma and other stresses it makes life here seem easy. Sometimes if I can rap my head on something and remind myself of that it would be dandy.

We as humans all have ups and downs. How we choose to go about the day to day to get past that also differs. I think a reminder to all is that holding it all back won't really work, cause it will come out in another format.

Whether it be depression or bitchy or snappish, it does release itself somehow. One must take hold of life good, bad and indifferent. Analyze and contemplate choices and decisions carefully.

Look for paths, ideas or advise on where to go next. But don't strand yourself with no escape hatch. Options should always exist. They may not be pleasant or where you want to head, but they should be there.

Remember even in the worst of times, someone else has survived it as well and so can you. Believe in yourself and others will too. When times are rough, surround yourself with those that matter most.

Search for Truth, Knowledge and don't forget about Fun.



Blogger Tamara said...

Another good one for a BU ramble.... Also the one from September 2nd. That last line has to be shared.

Posted 9/4/2004 at 8:39 AM by hodgetj

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