A stable front for weather here. A little warm for me, but going to get a lot worse soon I fear. Unlike so many our rain has hidden itself away. Next week is to bring scorcher (for Seattle) temps to my humble abode.

After making the attempt to purchase AC window unit sadly I was left empty handed. However today I said screwed plunked myself into a bit more debt and purchase a nifty portable unit which will work with my windows. Hence I will stay cool later in the week. This is a good thing.

So today was one of money flying out the door. Was planning a trip to the local beach spot but have run out of time. Needed to be home for another errand, hence had to skip it even though I had promised the kiddo. I will have to make it up to her.

So the weekend closes to a finish and the work week is on the horizon. Bah, but really whatever just more time and days to go by. Probably best I seem to increase debt on the weekends.

Onward. May Peace come soon.