Life is incredibly cruel sometimes. One will need to get past that move through the best one can.

What may seem so clear can get so muddy very quickly. Change is inevitable and healthy, but sometimes extremely hard. One cannot and should not try and stop change. But sometimes it may not be comfortable or pleasant.

One can only learn, grow and do what one thinks is right. Sadly what is right may not be what one feels in ones heart is the right choice. Each has their place. Sometimes we make decisions or follow paths based on morally or ethically correct. And sometimes we follow our heart.

The times when they overlap are pure joy as rare as that is, one must remember in life it can happen. Possibility exists. Hope.

Keep moving one may never know what is around the next bend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish it was easy to find out what's right.... like a huge blinking sign....

Posted 9/6/2004 at 10:36 PM by BluDreamscape

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