Mid Week

Already at the half way point. Short weeks have a way to go by really quick. Maybe it is the fact I am behind from the first day until the end. Hence work extra hard during the 4 days making up for that one day off.

Seattle is once again going through the warming trend from hell. So being at work late today isn't the worst thing possible. Central Air is convenient at times.

Last night I spent some time evaluating how to install my new air window unit, sadly I had to take it back to the store. Bummer those puppies are built for sash window that move vertical and have the ability to bolt into the wood from. Bummer for us "new" window folks. My vinyl would not like the large bolts throw the frame to hold the unit from vibrating out of place and my side to side openings mean know way to close off the window above part without rigging up some other option, hence security can then be an issue. Voiding the warranty on the new windows is not a good idea either.

Hence back to the store it went. Will have to live through more heat with just a fan.

Now back to work I go. Peace, perhaps with our next government.


Blogger Tamara said...

That sucks big time about the air conditioner. I wish the stand alone units didn't cost an arm and a leg. You need to get back to Home Depot or Leow's and get another one of those small fans.

11:57 AM  

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