The day begins quietly. No big surprise there. Gonna be filled with busy work today. Work, lunch and even hair cuts for the 6 year old and myself. Come home do some chores figure out what to make for another frickin' potluck event tomorrow.

Saturday will be interesting. Another event with a group of nice unorganized folks. Frustration occurs in the volunteer thing for me. It may be time to step back and be just a member of the not knowing team. Being a part of the group that is in charge yet a group lacking the skills to make things well organized, just barely enough to get by is frustrating at the least. Not knowing may be better.

So today filled with work and errands, tomorrow a day filled with frustration plus lots of rain keeping the potluck and picnic into low numbers I am sure. Rain gear for both daughter and myself for sure. Should be able to have a good parking space this way.

A continuation of excitement. Peace.