Sunday already.

Saturday zipped by quickly. Cold, wet rain filled day spent at a park with very few other folks. And of course the other leader showed up 2 hours late stayed 10 minutes and left. Yep, my prediction of lack of organization once again was correct, ug.

My punk-o-lunk had a fantastic time getting muddy and wet. So all in all it was worth it I guess. Came home to a hot bath. After cleaning up realized how incredibly tired I was. Got a short nap with a wake up call, so another nifty thing.

This morning taking it easy. Still being a slug with two kitties happy about it. They had breakfast and now have crawled right back up on to this bed happily and have fallen asleep. What a life.

Today is one I need to get some serious laundry done, clean around the fireplace area since later in the afternoon an insert will be installed. Also time to start creating those lists for next weekends big adventure.

Summer vacation is almost here. Saturday pumpkin and I take off for our week long road trip adventure. Oregon coast here we come. But first a full list of things will need to be created to pack the automobile properly. Plus of course one very full week of work lies ahead as well.