Another day in the life

Filled with frustration and anger. So much of life is filled with that. Realizing just how much is depressing. My own fault. We each create our own existence or lack of. Better to stay quiet these days. Talking seems to only lead to misunderstanding and more frustration.

Hence withdrawal time seems to make the most sense. Let life run about its usual patterns but try and say nothing. Best some times. Not like there is so much to withdraw from. Not really in charge of anything and work today cemented the notion that my opinion falls much lower on the totem pole then most that my boss speaks with.

Life outside of work and offline is filled with nothing more than a almost 7 year old. Hence one can just move along. Summer will bring long stretches of alone time anyway, this week included.

Online consists of one with random bits from others along the way. All of which have there own lives filled to the top.

Boring and worthless. One wonders why bother.