Feeling Shitty Once Again

Another cold has taken hold. Dammit what is it about this year! Enough already. And to top it off I must get back to this boring life now that Okie is back home.

The cats and I both are down. And I need to work on some shit I volunteered for (what in the hell was I thinking). Volunteering seems to be something I have been doing and regret greatly now. Two different areas and I really want out of both and yet why? I have nothing else to do beyond basic chores of life and my job. You would think my lazy ass could deal with it.

Perhaps its my outlook or lack of? No patience for stupidity and it seems in the volunteer world a lot of that goes around. I may stick it out at least through the year and dump it all for the new year and allow my conscience to be clear at least in 2007.