Snow to Rain

A wonderful 4 inches of snow turns to water quickly when it warms up to 50 and rain falls rapidly. So rapidly my laundry room is now very splashy and I am one of the lucky ones. Many Seattlites are awaking to find flooded basements. A good time to have a rambler.

The rain continues to fall at a great pace. Owning an umbrella would be nice today, but alas my new one purchased by Okie is awaiting departure from OKC. It may find use in the next flooding rain which I am sure will occur soon enough. Until then, I will need to ride this one out.

The overhanging dark gray sky leads me to believe today is all about my lovely rain. Something in my opinion we have been a bit short of, hence a walk for lunch may be in order. The sidewalks will most likely be a bit emptier and less smiles along the way. But the rain will be more than enough.