Another long work week ahead

5 days until more time off. Kinda sad I go through time searching for weekends. In all reality my job is not that bad. Stressful and busy yes and more so in the last year, but I am still on of the lucky ones. Hence why is it so damn hard to get up in the morning and get motivated to be there?

I think some of it is that it has become a chore and no longer enjoyable. That is disappointing. I am just another one of those pain in the ass whiners that goes through the motions but takes no action to change it. Yet my job affords me the things in life I enjoy. Time with my daughter and life, funds enough to get by. Is that not enough to find peace in this place?

One wonders if I have my sites set a tad high. Perhaps looking from the perspective of what this job affords me should be enough? Maybe it is time to change the tune and stop thinking of the days when I truly did not mind it so much? Those were the times when I had little say or ability to make decisions. Oddly enough I have a much higher level or control over my job now than ever before. Is that the reason it is no longer fun? Is it the more responsibility I have gained the less enjoyment I have? This could be my own shortcomings complete.

Food for thought and time to rethink as I do not want to spend 40plus hours a week being less than helpful to myself and those around me. My attitude my find a path of change and quickly. It could only improve for my co-workers, my family and myself.

Reflection time.

Peace, Health and Happiness.