May Rain

Woke up to the sound of it this morning. Been a while since I heard it come down this hard. I listened for a while prior to arising. The cats finally encouraged me to get out of bed.

I do love the rain, but oddly enough raining this hard with the inclusion of heavy wind seems oddly out of place. At least for the month of May. But then again May is a kitchen sink month. Anything can happen and roll with it is best. Last May we had some heat waves, so why not have some odd storms this year. Balance or not.

Does life run in this pattern as well? One never knows. Lately been feeling almost calm. Expecting that next storm to arrive shortly.

Spring even with the rain seems to really set in. We planted the garden up and am hoping for a few fresh veggies this summer, maybe even a pumpkin or two. We'll see what arrives.

Work continues I think well, but I am not sure if that is realistic either. I almost hating settling in expecting the next shuffle/re-structure to come along at any minute. Busy we are, but just as replaceable I know.

All the usual stresses are in place and yet they seem more calm the usual. I think I credit having someone else here with me knowing support emotionally is on hand. Oddly enough I never truly realized how important that physical presence is or was, but I do now. It has made the world of difference. Relationships are hard enough, but hell distance sure as hell makes them harder.

Not sure I have a creative bone in me this days. I know my spring energy seems to be for cleaning, organizing and get outside. Makes me not want to think about anything to do with a computer unless it is to veg out playing a game. Perhaps some day words will return. Until then...

Peace, Health and Happiness.