Lot in life....

Hmmm, interesting comment. Where does one get a *lot in life*? Wouldn’t' that imply a predestined space? But in life we can make it what we choose. Crap is crap; we all have it, some more than others. But in the end it still be crap.

Why not see through the crap, enjoy the edges of those moments of peace and happiness? Life may bring us anything it may be long but then again that bus my take you out on the corner, so why walk around with some notion of predestined? Who puts that you in you? And why would you believe it?

Take a situation, read it for what it is, but then step back and see what it has brought you.

Example, I have a condition that is putting me on a path to lose me hearing and a few other treats along the way, but one cannot sit and wallow and wait, why not find alternatives, hence this land of online. Sitting with friends in restaurants and bars has become painful at times, but sitting for hours and chatting online has become pleasure and on top of that I have met people from all over the world.

How would I have done this before? Look what has happened. Knowledge brought forth a new path, one I never considered, but in the end one that I totally learn from, hence closer to truth. What more could I want? Yes, there are times that suck, but don't we all have those?

Lot in life...is what we make of it. Self-pity will eat us happily up. Why let it? There is SO much out there to be enjoyed. Crap will override at times, but don't let it take over. Life is too short to allow that to happen.

Choose to live, choose the fun.



Blogger Tamara said...

I couldn't agree more. It's tough to see the good when everything starts beating us down. But without that little glimmer of hope, we give up and fall further into the dark. Life is too short to give in to that.

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