What happens in October? The atmosphere starts to change to orange. The weather gets the chill and wind starts picking up. Happily the rain will start falling freely and can be expected almost daily, good days lie ahead.

Trees losing their leaves and the starkness of the ground cover starting to fall back for winter will highlight the beauty. Plants seem to creep underground to start their long hibernation.

Finally we get PUMKINS, yeah. The awesomely beautiful orange vegetables, which stately sit on, front porches throughout the neighbor. I will easily buy 4-5 pumpkins and carve half and leave half in there naturally beautiful state.

When was the last time you allowed yourself the joy of carving a pumpkin, enjoying all the stringy middle and all those seeds. Something not to be missed. Allow yourself the pleasure, cook the seeds with butter and salt, and enjoy 'em. I will have to gladly buy more, since the punk-o-lunk may want to carve one as well, aw more for me to help.

So enjoy the season. Look around feel all that surrounds you and have fun!