The sunrises on another day. This one being different from the last in ways that are yet to be shown. One must remember that. The future is the unknown. To hold on to the past does one no good.

Find your feet and move forward. It is the only path that works. Live the life you have in front of you. Why prescribe to the notion of an after life, which may or may not occur? Why live through some idealistic thought that there is a new life out after this one? Why not live the one you have?

Accept reality. Reality is now, the tangible moments in which the day will pass through. Accept them for what they are, choices, decisions and paths that meander. Make the best of what you have and the rewards of that will at some point be returned.

Don't turn on the Truth; seek it out, in this life. The next moment could bring enlightenment and all that encumbers.

Choose life not myths.


Blogger Tamara said...

Being self-aware thinking individuals, it's inconceivable for most people to face the idea that they may not go on. The Self being a finite thing is scary. Hence, the idea of an afterlife to keep the fear of nothingness at bay.

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