early morning light

Gray overcast and wet...a perfect Seattle morning. Quietness prevails other than the birds chirping. The city is in need of a lot more water (in my opinion). Rain forecasted all weekend, one hopes they're right.

Been a week of variety. Its odd to view ones city from other perspectives. But become a tourist guide and one-see things about their city that may be good and bad. I think it all depends on the tourist. Luckily mine is NOT a window shopper. I personally have a tough time with too many galleries of fine art, rug and jewelry stores. One merges into another to the point where boredom quickly arrives.

However what I also learned was my fondness for my city goes much further than what the city buildings hold. I cannot even show her the things that make it so splendid to me, cause they are all in my head. Taking her to some of my favorite places seemed boring and slow, but in my mind they are these unique niches that are dandy.

Seemed awfully strange 'til I thought about for a while and realize we all probably do this about whatever city we live in. The city holds memories and moments in places and I enjoy areas with those in mind. Showing others spots all over the city is as much fun or more for me than for someone else. However it also brought out memories that one may have wanted less than front and center. We are connected to places by memories and moments, not all may be what we want to remember. Within that same respect there are many that bring back some wonderful times shared in the past.

Overall, it be fun to share something you cherish with another. Life can be what we make of it. Allow yourself all that you can. Enjoy.