A day of gray

Nifty let the drizzle fall. The garden and I are both pleased by a break from the sun. They say the overcast will settle for the day, one can only hope.

Strange how calming the effect of drizzle can be. The light rain that can cover and bring forth life in so many ways. Birds and plants all look forward to these days and shouldn't the rest of us? The feel of water feeding life onto the dry covered ground. It brings a shine and growth to everything around us. Comfort.

The day is wide open...so much is out there, so much to see, feel and learn. Take the opportunity to look closely and find the knowledge. Sadness, guilt and anger can fill us up so much that we can forget about the joy and playfulness that exists everywhere. Opportunity is up to us, only we can change our thoughts and behaviors.

It's all up to us. Your view is movable, your decisions and reactions are yours, own them and make them what you want. See life and live it the best you can.