Another sunny day

According to some...sadly probably. Yesterday's rain and gray melted away to a clear sunny day. I like my average 65, now we be in closer to the 70 mark, bummer.

Maybe it will all return when guests from another country come, one can hope...*grin*.

Today feels heavy. Why I am unsure. Sometimes one may walk around in a stupor of the unknown and other times with a bounce filled with energy. Today heavy. Each day brings opportunity and new, some days it is easier to see it and some days may be wise to sit at our desk listening to our music bugging no one. Today be that day. Best to be left alone. Lots of work to complete with little time to complete it...one must focus well today.

No time for the side issues. Time to let go of what is not possible.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping to bring you some rain, mate - but damned if it isn't sunny here today too!!

4:45 AM  
Blogger E said...

We can hope over a weeks time some rain will fall...they say so, but only nature will give us the reality.

Rain or not you will most likely enjoy the city and the surrounding areas...lots to see.

5:55 AM  

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