Middle of the Weekend

Yesterday was the scheduled packed day. Today we ease into the day. I like that. Midnight the new addition has a new name "Blacky". Midnight Blacky still lives, so that be a good.

One issue is a gerbil looks and acts very similar to a mouse. Hence a small baby gerbil running around his cage all day has the complete attention of two orange cats. Much more than the honey bear hamster ever did. It's hard to get pissed off with them over something that is so instinctual. Hence when we leave or over night the cage is moved to a secure room with the door shut, just in case.

The last thing I need to do is come home to gerbil cage crashed down to the floor missing one gerbil with to self satisfied cats looking coy at me. Safety first.

Now one lazy bum needs to get up take a shower, do some dishes and get moving. Slowly.



Anonymous king-gerbil said...

A gerbil is a MUCH better choice of pet than a hamster. Hamsters are nocturnal and often get grumpy when you wake them up during the day. Gerbils are happy to be up night or day. They are the least neo-phobic of the rodents, and usually LIKE being handled. They are very social animals, so if they don't have a fellow gerbil to play with, they want human interaction even more!

But that often means they'll also try and interact with others in the household, like the cats...

5:01 AM  

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