Saturday Morning

Awoke to a nice cool morning. Two cats not fighting and sleeping on the end of the bed peacefully. One may have been hoping to sleep in a bit longer, but beating the sunrise is becoming normal routine.

The day ahead may be filled with chores and physical activity. Not as fun as one would hope, but by stacking a cord of wood one will become both warm today and warm this winter.

A good way to kill off quite a few hours. Then one will need to go to weekly food shopping and perhaps get some other various chores out of the way as well. What does not get done can go on the next list as more time consuming projects.

Wish I knew more about roofing, electrical installations and plumbing. That would fill up months of time, but alas no knowledge has been bestowed onto me and time to learn these things is usually during my work hours. Keeping the job helps pay the bills and the bank for the abode. So maybe someday I can become that handy person I wished I was. Most likely doubtful, but one never knows.