Morning Rises

The weekend is one of chores and little else. Today brings more of that same I feel. But then one must leave open that opportunity of the unknown to pounce through. Perhaps if I step out I can wasted a dollar on one of them megamillion tickets and hope for the best.

Missing the kiddo and wishing I had more energy to tackle the buildup of stuff throughout the house. Organizing seems like a spring and fall type of thing, hence that time of year is here once again and since I never completed it in spring it left open the reality that only more waits for me in fall. Alas will I get to it? Doubtful. One will most likely make some cookies and move along setting up the usual roadblocks to completion. No one to blame but myself.

So the weekend is slighty more than half over and then another work week will begin. A short one lies ahead but leads into a long no planned weekend leaving huge opportunity to get shit done. One will have to wait and see on what reality holds.