Just over 50

That's how many cups of blackberries punk-o-lunk and I have picked so far this season. How many more one will have to wait and see. Crisps, jam, and muffins have been made. Of course a few have found there way onto ice cream and into smoothies. Overall a good season. A ton more of ripe and ready to be picked one out there tonight, but alas I got tired and stopped. Perhaps tomorrow evening.

Another day goes by waiting for it all. What's all. Wish I knew. Tomorrow is midweek. That much closer to the weekend. Have my girl the whole weekend. Then 10 days without. Quiet times lay ahead. Not like it is not quiet enough but just a little extra.

Maybe I will accomplish all that awaits and then again I know that is very very doubtful.

Future unknown. Soon enough. Peace.