Bags Attack

Now that there is some sense of normalcy returning to the household, I can relay a story of humor.

My cats are a bit neurotic. Past issues and being traumatized in there former life have left them a bit edgy and it shows at times. Sunday afternoon I was wrapping some gifts for an adopt a family event at work. I had thrown the empty plastic bag which held 4 bath towels that I was currently wrapping. My cat being inquisitive decided to have a look.

Mind you this was one of those big plastic bags with a handle cut out at the top. She crawled into the bag but unfortunately through that handle area and of course she got it sort of caught around her neck. Upon realization of being trapped she shot like a rocket through the house hoping to get away from the attacking bag. Of course this only allowed the bag to fill with air and pull harder on her as she was running around and growling like a miniature tiger trying to escape.

After laughing hard, I realized her stress and had to track her down under the bed. I carefully removed the offending bag with her growling the whole time. As I freed her she shot away like a rocket once again free of offending item.

She hid away all day did not come out not even for dinner (note this is HIGHLY unusual). It took her almost 24 hours to come around again. Last night she carefully allowed herself to come out for food. She was on edge and with the heavy rain still pounding the roof she constantly looked as if she was going to leap away once again.

But last night she took to her usual spot next to my pillow while I slept, so I guess life returns to its usual once again. Moving forward and beware of those attacking bags.