Spent two good hours yesterday weeding my small front yard. Sadly another four would be good.

The back will take days, hence I have not even started other than around the strawberry plants. Speaking of which with our cold ass spring jumping into our fucking hot summer has created the plants to freak a bit and the strawberries sucked. Hence next year for those.

Will try and put in some weed killing effort this weekend, perhaps with help. That nifty spray on stuff is good for all the cracks in the driveway where those weeds seem tough to get and maybe some serious blackberry bush killer on the back hill. At least it can knock down some of the live crap so I can get up in there without major wounds and then dig some of the roots up. Lots of work ahead.

Life continues to move forward with so much going on it is nuts and yet calm. Odd actually. Perhaps the concept of my wanted reality is actually occurring is making it all much easier. Annoyances continue, but that most likely will continue throughout.

Finding a new balance is going to take some time, patience and effort on all our parts, but I believe we are up for the challenge. All of this is already better than the past sense of bleakness, hence one step at a time. Some feel more like a skip or bounce.

Peace and Health.