These high 80's are very much out of character for us in Seattle and boy do they seem to zap us of energy. Today we had our breakfast at a restaurant that I most likely will not go to again and then we saw the Journey to the Center of Earth.

The movie was so far from reality and stretched on just a few to many details for me to even think campy. Yes we missed the spiffy 3-D version since no theater around here is running it, but over all I still feel it would have been irritating.

Got home slugged the rest of the day off. Even had a nifty nap.

So tomorrow we will need to have to visit grocery store and then perhaps if the heat is not overwhelming I can plant my hands in the dirt and pull some weeds. Laundry most likely is also a good idea. But then again tomorrow is the "day of rest" so what gets finished one will have to wait and see.

Peace and Health.