In general I like Tuesday better than Monday. One day in, hence I know what I am up against at work. The sense of that sometimes is better then "what is in store for me today" concept. It also use to be a silent day, however I best be prepared for that to change.

Five weeks and a few days and much of how I live will change. The loneliness of my life will be eradicated and I will search out quiet. I totally look forward to that. Odd how a life can go with such extremes, but hell I think a balance is in there somewhere and I believe we (Tamara and I) together can find it.

Life is a path and I feel mine is actually headed where I hoped it would go. A rarity to be steering and I am not even sure when I got the controls. Maybe I don't have them and I just got lucky. Doesn't actually matter, I am pleased with either.

Peace and Health.