Home Sweet Home

I kind of look forward to being back with the cats and yet not at all. Life will change slightly and then again not at all. Work will come and go and I will have to give up time with punk-o-lunk again.

But it happens whether I want it to or not...hence time to deal. Tonight we finished up late. Tomorrow I will get up stuff crap into the luggage and shuffle on home. At least I have one night with kiddo before life returns to it's usual. The weekend is most likely about catching up...perhaps sleep will find me upon my return.

I feel the 2-4 hours per night I am putting in here will catch up with me soon enough. The sore joints of the tapered down drugs have begun, could make a super fun plane trip. I guess it be good that within 24 hours I will be crawled up into my own bed.

Back to reality leaving behind the Magic Kingdom...damn fun.

Peace and Health.