A never ending process. I am suppose to be upset about Proposition 8 in California and oddly enough, I am not. Reality is that our country is not equal and it will take more years, money and work to change it to be a little more equal.

For me gay marriage is important from the equality point of view. I do not believe my government should in any way giving tax breaks for something conservatives are using as a religious tool, marriage. Hence they either are separated or not. Hence for me it is a matter of fairness. If you want to hold your bible or whatever up and claim some superiority over marriage than under no circumstances should the government recognize it. You cannot have it both ways in my mind.

Sadly California has much more serious problems than gay marriage. As does the rest of our country. Yes there is always a fight for equality, but there always has been as well. Yes I should be more active and upset, but somehow I believe I am on the side of Truth and that in and of itself will eventually win out. Perhaps that is my religion.

I guess I look at this from long term standpoint. We have come a long way and yes we have a long way to go, but hell look at where we are at? Fairness is just around the corner. But remember in our country there is still over 20% of the people that believe Iraq had WMD. What more is there to say?

Peace, Happiness and Health.


Blogger Blu said...

I must say I'm with you. This is a long term thing, and it's best to not forget how far we've come. Though I say this while living someplace that legalized it 5 years ago.

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