Snow and Snow

I liked snow. For now I am done with it. I do mean done. I would be happy not to see any for at least a year, if not longer. I don't need to shovel snow for a really long time. Sadly it is only December meaning chances are high there is more in my future soon enough.

Shoveling it off the roof yesterday pretty much sealed my disdain for the white stuff this year. My body is sore and I am cranky today. Not because of the roof fun, but because of the two weeks of shoveling. The stress of driving in it for things that need to get down. The holidays landing when they did was most likely a savings grace since I had an entire week planned off of work. However that in an of itself was also a bummer since we did not enjoy nearly what I had hoped to enjoy as the snow kept us home or away from sightseeing places I wanted to attend.

Holidays are filled with there own stress and I can easily say this one had some extra stress already, hence adding all this snow did not help. I think overall we did a very good job, but the fucking snow did not make it easy. Creating barriers (literally) at every corner.

In my lifetime I have never seen this much on the ground, cars or roofs at one time in this city. I can also say the cities did a horrible job getting it cleared, since it is still not clear from 95% of the roads. Great having the freeway open is nice but how in the hell are you suppose to get there? Shovel will travel.

We went out for lunch and sadly had to expect to shovel around the car just to get out back onto what was suppose to be a road covered in snow.

Where is my rain? It promises to be here in buckets and that may not be perfect, but I have hopes it is easier on my back and body than the snow. Flooding is bad but we may be able to deal with that slightly better.

Peace and Health.