Evades Me

Sleep that is. I seem once again on the path to early rise. My mornings are creeping once again into the night.

Work is on target this week. Even with all the holiday craze it seems I am able to keep up. Good or bad I am not sure. At this point less stress from that the better. But then again, perhaps this should make me nervous with our economy and all. Maybe I should feel slammed all the time but hoping it all works for job security. One never knows.

Home is odd enough. Our kids are our lives for all the good and bad that is it feels very true. I am not sure everyone feels that way. Complicates trying to find a middle ground sometimes. Right now just trying to get up the hill to see the view.

My rain has returned with vengeance. I am sure some are not happy, but I can easily say I will take this over snow. Floods suck, wet storage area aside, I am happier with my rain. I know it will bring spring and beauty.

Peace, Health, Hope and maybe Sleep.


Blogger Tamara said...

Okay. Time for a new blog entry so everyone doesn't think you're still getting crappy sleep.

8:06 AM  

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