Wonder what is next

One can only see what is visible, however one can wonder what is not?

2010 had ups and downs as life brings the random set, but overall a year goes by where I was able to be where I wanted. Sure I would prefer a bigger house, more pay, but in the end I am lucky. I live with my love, her kids and my daughter. I have a job that pays our bills. I am surrounded by things we chose and we continue to prosper, what more can be asked? Sure there is always more to ask for, but perhaps one should say what more is needed?

We are not doing to badly and in comparison to so many we are set.

So for 2011, let there be Peace, Health and Happiness.


Blogger laina said...

beautiful, i hope peace happiness and health do indeed greet you and your family

8:35 AM  
Blogger Melki said...

Stay Optimistic, good luck. (I'm wishing you luck so that luck would come to me as well. :). Peace, Love, and Happiness

12:56 AM  

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