2009 was a year we felt Hope. Not just for our country but for the world in general.

Unfortunately a lot less was accomplished both nationally and internationally. We (USA) are still in a war that I do not believe in or think is actually winnable. Bring home our troops please! Sadly we (the government) does not agree with me.

We do have a new leader that I believe still gives us some Hope for our planets future. But to say we are moving quickly would be sad. But then again when compared to our last leader, we are at least moving in the right direction!

On a more local level 2009 was a year full of change with 2010 bringing us more. We will Hope the economy can continue moving up for the millions and us in need.

So I can say I am not sorry to see 2009 come to a close, but I do look forward to "Change" in 2010. We as a society and a planet have tons of room to improve, lets Hope that we see some of it in the coming year.

I wish Peace, Health and Happiness to All tonight, tomorrow and the coming year!


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