In our country this is the day we are to sit back and give thanks. I am up (my usual time, so not early for me) around 5 AM getting the 25-pound turkey stuffed and ready to go into the oven. Say goodbye Tom! But now I sit and contemplate the rest of the day.

Now the second part of the day will be slow, that is splendid. We will take our time trying to figure out were everyone will sit. We will set up a second table in hopes to capture everyone at the event of eating.

An event it is. Full on turkey, corn bread stuffing, potatoes, various veggies, green Jell-O salad, cranberry stuff, rolls, and gravy. That is dinner then we have the overload of pie with whip cream. So an event it is.

But in reality what is this day? A day to remember what? Time and history play throughout. At first look is it that wonderful pilgrimage to our new country? The one we settled and then relocated a weaker native. Something to be said there huh.

Man has a way of making history sound smooth, but if one truly studies it I am thinking innocence lost would be more profoundly visible. Tamara and Ze are the history buffs, I tried to avoid whenever possible. I find history sad. Death seems to be the main even with many innocent found among that list.

Okay, back on track.

Thanks. On that list would definitely have to be the kiddo and the boys. These kids show us hope. Something we all can use. Next up, as I sit here feeling fairly decent showing health is far up on that list of something to be thankful for. Easily on that list would be the partner in all crimes. Tamara plays the part so well.

We are lucky to be squeezed into a house to small for us all and yet, one must be happy for that as so many have so much less. We will sit down and enjoy a large meal with family and friends, definitely more thanks there.

Further outside our box we are lucky to have more friends and family viewing the fuller perspective and seeking nothing but the best for all.

As one truly views through a window there is thanks to be given for so much and here is hoping that each and every one of us can take a step to the window once in a while.

May Peace, Health and Happiness find us all. Truth will follow.