Not something I generally take a lot of, however I guess 2011 will be an exception year.

In 4 weeks we go for a week with the kids to the Oregon coast, should be fun.

March I am going to have to work the whole month.

But then in April I have one week off with the kiddo and her spring break, thinking I may take her to Port Townsend for a night as a change of pace. The following week I am off with T and we are hoping to pop over to the coast as well for a few days of kid free rest and relaxation.

May holds yet another week of vacation as I meet up with S for her 30th birthday event in Las Vegas. And then in July I will spend a few days with Ellen, T and all the kids as our usual summer events.

Hence a full year of vacations and I think I like it.

So here is hoping Peace, Health and Happiness affects y'all.