Moving Right Along

Or are we?

We get up go to work (week days), come home play on FB, go to bed. Sleep. Get up and do it all over again.

Where is my change? Where is the knowledge of life? Where is the Truth?

Perhaps we are taking a break. While others flow around us and force us to re-align what changes we truly need.

1. House. Yep still need a bigger one (or at least I do)

I truly hate our stuff in storage. I want all my stuff back and sadly that is not going to most likely happen for at LEAST two year. (fall 2013)

Having our stuff back is truly not the only big issues...space...living space that is. I require more and some that is sacred (escape and private) and sadly we have officially given it all up. Our bedroom is now the second tv and I hate that, but choices were limited.

2. Perspective.

Are we a family? I always thinks so. Like any family we are a bit different and lean in odd ways. Others seem to not respect us as one in general and that sucks. Oddly enough our friends of distance and space do accept this, however those that roam and float around our internal life stretch seem to not bother and treat us like parts and not a whole.

3. Sharing the Weight ...

Letting it go not my best trait.

Lots to do and how to accomplish it I have no clue. Sit and think more...wish I had a corner to hide in.

Time for me to consider me first. Exercise and maybe even get back to reading and writing. Who knows, maybe I can return here soon.

Peace and Health (that's enough for right now).


Blogger Doria said...

Yup.. SOunds like my life in a nutshell. Fun how that works isn't it?! :)

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Amelia Elliott said...


Cool blog! I am in a rush this morning, but I will be back!

10:53 AM  

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