Pink Ribbon ...CUT!

Now they change there tune when the realize that the money is going elsewhere...screw you Komen...not one more dime EVER. Your tune changed today and yet we all know what real slime balls you are now, hence live with it. Your hidden agenda is no longer hidden. Hope your conservatives can make up the difference...you have permanently damaged yourself...no going back

The ribbon be cut...bye bye.


Blogger Hey Monkey Butt said...

OoOoOo Im so lost on this Komen thing. i keep reading everyone talking badly about them. time to research it some. I spend as much as i can on them, being as my Mom has breast cancer but it looks like that time has come to an end; the komen time that is!

12:53 PM  
Blogger E said...

Cut them ties...let the ribbon fall. You do some investigating...see that 23% of there money is actually deposited into high paid ceo and such and look into there statements about women...contraceptives a no no in there book.

Find a different charity, hell Planned Parenthood is great and there are hundreds if not thousands of others out there...find a local one that just does breast cancer screening...

7:49 PM  

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