Summer Ends

Kids heading back to school. The boys are not excited, the girl is. Routine will take a while to get moving along but soon enough I am sure. We had a really nice little heat break last few days and it was just enough for me as the weather returns to my beautiful city overcast morning with sunshine late afternoon and end as the sun sets.

I kind of have missed my ocean trips lately and thinking about how I could possibly squeeze in some, but alas I think not. There is always next year to get it together.

Reflections are all about. Hoping to make a visit to Eastsound up in the San Juan Islands and shock the hell out of an old friend. I am hoping to drag along my little shutter bug who will dig the beauty and ferry ride.

I wonder about so many I have left behind, not sure I could change outcomes, but I would like the opportunity to see a few and perhaps time for me to invest and engage in that endeavor.

Feeling fairly healthy and should take advantage of that and yet be careful as one would like to stay with this feeling. Time with T would be nice, but as the kids return to school so does she, hence no time off for her for a while.

The Ocean calls and I wonder weather I can reach out to it...

Peace (shit I wish), Health and Happiness (both are more doable).


Blogger Doria said...

Ahhh I too need an ocean trip! :) lovely post!

8:01 PM  

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