Urgent Care

The name is misleading.

I have Menieres, I have had it for a very long time. I take different drugs to deal with it and they are somewhat affective. Yeah, I still get episodes but not nearly as often prior to taking the drugs. As the episodes for me can now take weeks, months to actually come back in line it is important to limit them and dump them as soon as they occur. People try and understand dizziness, believe unless you have been there, you don't know.

So in the summer I had a larger set of episodes and struggled to get them under control. My ENT doc prescribed upping my one drug to deplete water from my head. Sounds easy. But one must remember we are a sum of our parts and depleting water is not all that is depleted...potassium. So for the last 4 weeks I finally have not been dizzy and that is splendid. However during that time I have felt terrible. And that understates it.

After few more emails to my doctor in question I get an answer form another as he is on vacation. They are flipped out as this is wrong, I should not be on that dosage and feeling that way without serious oversight. Hence GO TO URGENT CARE TONIGHT.

That was at 4pm yesterday after I went gave blood at the local clinic, they tested it and it showed Critical on my potassium level.

Checked in to the urgent care leaving kids at home...430pm. Love those nifty gowns. Got more blood drawn, iv inserted and all those nifty eeg and ekg stickers all over. Heart protection here we are.

Hours pass, Tamara finally goes back home as kids need to eat and prepare for night and the next day (as does Tamara). They continue to pump through my iv potassium into me. They also double dosing it feed me a liquid version. eew. They call it urgent and one can wonder why as NOTHING is done fast. Hours continue to go by results same as when I arrived. More blood, more potassium. Sure enough at around 130 am, 9 hours later they decide there dosages had not affect. I need to go home and take these supplements for 30 days. (and drop my other meds)

Well hello, great take this shit and not my other stuff that keeps my Menieres in line, what the hell are we going to do when I get another episode and believe me without drugs I will. Urgent my ass. I spend 9 hours on an uncomfortable table/bed in some fancy gown thing that did not tie (easy access to all those stupid patches)

And in the end I go home with $150 urgent care co-payment, tired, irritated, stabbed 7 different times for draws and sticker-ed. I am grumpy today. Got home around 230am and I made them pay for a cab to take me home.

Let's hope the rest of the week can go better.


Blogger Doria said...

Ooooof, I hope the rest of the week goes better as well, or went better. Im so far behind. :/

8:10 PM  
Blogger E said...

Improvement along the way. I think it most likely will take a while to get back in balance, but I am much better than I was and that is a good thing!

Believe me I completely understand far behind. Best of luck to ya!

6:40 PM  

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