Weekend is Over

Why is it when you finally get some time with nothing planed and almost stress free that the body takes a nose dive? Dammit, spent the weekend feeling like crap and now the work week starts up again. This one most likely gonna be a long one as well (of course).

So our weekend was okay, but could have been so much better if I had not slept a large portion of Saturday and Sunday away.

My decision to myself over the last few weeks of stop trying to fight the uphill battle when it is not even mine to fight and the people involved in the fight do not want to take or hear any advise outside of there own. Should make things over all much easier for everyone.

Now if I can just get my body to start walking and learning how to be healthier. I know the importance of it all, just wondering if I can come through for myself.


Blogger Hey Monkey Butt said...

need to do the exact same thing here. I've been sickly for weeks now and it's starting to brang me down. gawd! Need sunshine!

11:10 AM  

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