Why are the things farthest away from us the things we want the most? The more the unattainable the more we can justify our wanting it seems.

Step away; view it from an outside view when possible. See the consequences and the inevitable outcome. Now do what is right.


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Sometimes it's best to talk about what it is you are wanting. Sometimes shining the light of reality on them is enough to take some of the allure away. Sometimes it's just another way to hide... because while wanting something else it makes it easy not to think about what you have/don't have. I always think about wining the lotto. Sometimes it makes me think less about the fact that I have no money. But if I were to really talk about it and confront it then it loses its appeal because reality sinks in. That's not to say that what you are talking about is the same thing... this is a rather simplistic example. Whatever it is, it can be talked about with friends. If they are truly your friend they will listen and talk to you regardless of the subject. Maybe it can help you to take that step back? *Hugs*

Posted 9/6/2004 at 10:38 PM by BluDreamscape

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