Something some have a lot of and others very little. Situations vary from person to person; some just need more than others.

What is patience? The ability to withstand what? The ability to hold ones tongue from lashing out. I think in life it is one of those things which is good to gain more of. Sadly I am weak when it comes to patience. I would hope to have more of it by this point in life, alas I don't. My ability to snap seems strong. I must find why that is.

One must see weakness as a challenge and look for small space and opportunities to change them. Something to work, constantly.

I think over the years it has improved dramatically, however that is not saying much since I was such a little shit. So one can continue searching for better methods of communication and acceptance, without losing ones patience.

Good luck. Peace.


Blogger Tamara said...

You know what? Some days I have no patience whatsoever. I don't know what it is but sometimes I wake up with the shortest fuse imaginable. Other days, all sorts of things can be thrown at me and I'll just shrug and go on. Not sure why. Maybe on those days I'm just resigned to my fate.

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