Time and it's movement.

Ever wonder how it was created? The concept of it all, it flies by or does it? Sometimes I think it does and in 5 days I am sure it will magically speed up and fly again. However until that moment for the next 4 full days it feels like it is moving veeeeerrrrrrryyyyy sllllllooooowww. UG.

I notice myself getting irritated at small inconsequential things just because. One must turn it over look carefully and let it go. Take the moments that are in front of one self and enjoy them to. They may not be what our sight is currently on, but they are something. To deny them pleasure is only denying myself.

Reality is vacation with come and sadly vacation will go and through it all I will be left where I currently am, hence find the tangible spaces in this time and make them worthy as well.

Its good to think of future endeavors, but don't forget about the current space. Meet life half way. Look to the preplanned fun, but find it in the daily routines as well.

Peace and may time move steadily.