What do you hear? Are you Listening…

Do we listen completely? What an amazing term. Do people follow what they hear? I think so, but sadly each of us compartmentalizes what we hear to be what we want to hear.

Are we all self-absorbed fools? One would hope not, but at times it feels that way. When words are spoken, do you step outside of your system and work them through from a larger picture or do you random hear the bits that fit where you want them to go?

Sadly the only thing we as humans can do are intercept the words and messages and see where they fit. One can hope that each of us could truly stand back and view situations and comments or advise in those situations and calmly work through them for ourselves.

Clashes occur to often when we feel some one else has missed the point, but have we perhaps missed the point? Maybe.

Good luck hearing today.



Blogger Tamara said...

Sometimes we hear only what we want to hear. Especially if hearing means facing hard truths and dealing with complex emotions. It's so much easier to listen only to bits and pieces rather than face reality. Not that it's good to do that but it is human.

8:30 AM  

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