Where did the week go? It disappeared into the realm of darkness. Well one cannot retrieve it, so one mine as well keep going. Only effective way to change is by continuing to move.

We only experience what we allow ourselves to, so how could it seem at times the one cannot breathe? Odd sensation. Filled yet? One needs to stop at the breaking point step back and re-evaluate it all.

Standing a ways may not make it better, but breathing is easier. Before reaching for the door that holds it all back prepare to open small gap let whatever rush out and shut door quickly. In other words take small bits at a time.

Perspective...sometimes I wonder what that is, but I do think it be important. How to get it, is anyone’s guess. Find a path and hope there is some viewing space, maybe a turnout or something.

In just over a week, time off. I like that. Gonna be a long nine days til then. It can be done.



Blogger Tamara said...

Eight days for me! Let the countdown begin....

7:29 AM  

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