Fun filled day...

Rain...falls lightly outside my window of my desk as I contemplate the morning so far. Rain being one of the best parts. Wake at the usually hour with thoughts of the day ahead...then a realization of the fun the awaits me.

Various appointments that each will bring their own sense of discomfort. The social calendar that usually lies empty has one dark spot of mind messing for the early evening.

Skipping all that thinking and allow myself to get up to the usual routine of the early morning. Notice no rain in the evening, but the clouds are thick for hope of the future. Get myself ready for my day...open my wallet and see I can allow myself the special treat of a bought breakfast at work...nifty.

Get to my usual parking space and realize the lot is closed today for paving...oh well. The rain has started...I did not bring a coat...oh well.

Walk to my building, which is mostly administration...walk down to the food court, realize I am 20 minutes early before they open...oh well. Stroll down towards my office...open my bag to grab my keys...uh oh...yep left on the counter at home...nifty. Call security, 20 minutes later I get into my office...oh well.

Head back towards my breakfast, questioned by a very upset person as to where is the emergency area...I try nicely to explain there is only urgent care at this facility since it is not a full fledge hospital...uh oh, man goes nuts, another visit from security, the day is so improving.

Finally get my breakfast on a plate walk to the cash register and the very nice women who works there...reach for my wallet...oh shit.

So...now I owe the food court 3 bucks, the day has been oh so fun so far...what is next and gee I have not even started the fun filled area that begins at 1...nifty.

A grand Friday lies ahead...

Good luck and Peace.