The night lies ahead.

Long and dark. Moving into the middle of the week. Avoidance is the name, but reality strikes and one realizes it is not possible. Instead one will spend the day in the presence of youth filled with exuberance and enthusiasm.

I was reminded that I am old enough to understand life and how I got here. But along the road I have seem to lost my vision and hope for what lies ahead. Sadly it be true. Where does one recapture something that feels like it was taken from them? Reality tells me it took me to get here and it will take me to get out of here but sometimes it is much easier with support and I seem to have that, so one will try and see that there is hope out there somewhere.

I have seen and learned things, some of which one wish they haven't but each are intrinsically important to whom I am. Now I need to use that knowledge to move forward once again. We can walk along our road and sometimes get pushed off the path down the hill a bit with a sharp burst, time to start climbing again. I think through the years I forgot how to climb.



Blogger Tamara said...

Climb high, babe. I know you can do it.

8:03 PM  

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