The morning opens with clouds and overcast...teasing one for the slim possibility of rain...but I bet not today.

Looking in can only bring forth knowledge and hope. Each day holds a key to tomorrow. Whether we use the key is up to us. The moment will be what we choose it to be. Life affects us in many ways; we have the ability to change that through behavior and modification. It may not be easy, but possible.

With so much not possible to change in life, one should truly look at each piece that they can for the opportunity to change, grow and improve. The moments are created in random ways, but there effect on us is truly up to us. See what you want as some may say. We can use blinders or view it openly, clearly and thoughtfully.

Replies and reactions hopefully show how we view situations. Sometimes those need work. Behavior change is difficult, but something one can accomplish and see great benefits from.

So today strike out and see a new. Open the view, look up and seek out all there is to absorb. Breathe in and enjoy the little things. It's all up to you.