Sunday morning

The bird’s chirp happily on the damp leaves of the trees. The morning starts out similar to many others within the last week. Wet morning as clouds and gray skies are broken up with sunshine taking the lead. My garden's dream. Rain while we sleep and sun throughout the day. I would prefer more rain during the daylight hours as well.

Odd when Weather reports tell you the high for the day should be around 61 and it is already 63, gee someone best explain to them before writing there report to view the actual temperature.

Oh well the day goes by like any other each with new opportunities and memories along the way. I am realizing how truly unexciting my life seems to be. One in which no life seems to be lived, nothing moving. Where are my goals? What has happened to my dreams? Sapped away within the sledge that encircles me.

One spends days within a small space with little to inspire or enlighten. Knowledge is king. Time to read and live again.

Situations hobble us. It be up to oneself to regain the momentum of life. Seeking out the experiences that change and bring hope a new.

Does one over think? The Truth in that is unknown, like the future that lies ahead of us some answers may never be clear or precise.

The most one can do is find there own path and live it. Sometimes we move along it slower than other times. Sometimes we circle ourselves like wagons to protect the weakest points. Life is bits and pieces of everything that effect and move us. We need to find those along our path. Sometimes finding the path alone seems to be a challenge let alone the action of moving along it while we pick up our waiting knowledge.

How does one see past gray? A question for each of us to learn on our own.

As I sat here and typed this the sun was covered with the darkness of clouds and the rain is starting to fall. The day looks up.