Ever wonder...

How you got here? What steps did it take to land in the current space? What decisions and choices brought one to this moment?

In the end does it matter how we got here or that we got here and how to get out?

It all matters. To learn and grow one must see the steps that it took to get from place A to place B. What happens while reviewing one has no clue how it all happened, but that it just did? Evaluation to the deepest sites and see the path, cause it is there, you may need to look closely, but it's all there.

So, once one is able see the faulty steps taken one can move on. But what if in the end they were not faulty? What happens if they were needed for ones own growth and acceptance to lead us to the new path?

What is next...the unknown or possibly the known? Choose wisely. One must see each moment and movement for what it is. The future. Search and seek out ways to move forward. In turn forcing new experiences and challenges that once again will lead us to more knowledge and closer to our own Truth.

We may not be able to change the past. And we are certainly not able to change how others decide, choose and affect us, but in the end we can decide how we react and move along next to them. Find what it takes within yourself. Survive it is possible.

Seek Joy, it exists, one may need to look in the right places again for it.