Inside or out?

A place one should look first. Truth exists, whether we want to accept it or not is up to us. But it is there. We each have the ability to know what our Truth is; sometimes we choose not to accept it or to ignore the reality of it. That is our right and no one has the right to take that from us. Acceptance it can be more difficult then one truly understands.

However sometimes one completely understands that Truth and by leaving it inside the consequences from it are much better. That in itself is acceptance. There are realities with each Truth and how that Truth spreads and affects others is a large part. Sometimes leaving the truth buried may not be the ultimate for ones own reality but perhaps not? The realities of some Truths are more destructive to so much more that the Truth may be better off buried within our own reality.

Within that though one has to accept that is what one is doing and perhaps have an understanding of how completely dangerous Truth can be. In general we should live by our Truths but in reality sometimes we can't because the path that Truth may take us down can be more destructive than another.

I believe Truths can overlap one another one showing us what lies deep within ourselves but the practical Truth can override our more emotional ones that can exist in our hearts. Sometimes our heart may not get what it wants but in the end with an understanding that our heart can accept and find solace in what is right. Right in the bigger sense of Life acceptance of life and where it will take us. One must live within a practical realm of the world around us. Each and every one of us effects another hence living our Truths is important, however acceptance within ourselves of what those truths are is even more important. To deny our Truths will catch up with us eventually, however that does not mean each Truth is the only path for our life.

See life as the opportunity for us to learn grow and change within time. Truth will be seen along the way if one lives to the best of there ability. Living by Truths alone is not good enough. In the end our Truth is selfish and based only within our self so how can it be our own guide and map along the way. It shouldn't be and in reality very few follow it. See it for what it is. A goal to acceptance of what one can hope and dream for along the way.

Best of luck. Peace.